Welcome to Festival Internacional de Marionetas do Porto 2018!

Igor Gandra · Artistic Director


The 2018 edition of FIMP is one you won't want to miss. The latest work from the home grown companies and some of the hottest experiments in the national and international scene are good reasons to follow this festival – the festival our city chose to keep.

Four duos in a trio, some solos in good company and a few more singular groups. This could be the abstract for the FIMP 2018 program, if you consider the difference in scale of the productions, the variety of formats and the diverse ways to meet with the public. Shows will be staged at Teatro Municipal do Porto and Teatro Nacional de São João (partners of FIMP) and throughout the city.

As you feel your path along the program, you'll realize that the artists' restlessness has imprinted a few marks that will help us find our way through. The passage of time and its toll on our collective lives, the destiny of humanity and its technical inventions that is the visible part of it. This is serious, though it still can make us laugh. The puppet, the animated forms, the visual theatre and the performance with objects along with experimental music are up to the task.

At FIMP you can meet some of the young artists who are taking their first important steps in this art form. FIMP is also a space for learning – the WIP-WOP sessions are back in 2018.

We proudly present the winner of the 3rd edition of the Bolsa de Criação Isabel Alves Costa, a joint initiative of FIMP, Teatro Municipal do Porto and Comédias do Minho.

FIMP takes accessibility very seriously, it's a cause we've pioneered, and every year we strive to be more inclusive.

For this year FIMP didn't get any state funding. The only reason FIMP 2018 is up and running was because Porto City Hall decided to boost up their funding to cover up the costs and allowed the Festival Internacional de Marionetas do Porto to fulfil the role it began in 1989. On behalf of the team that makes this festival, we would like to express our most profound gratitude to the Mayor of the City Council as well as to all those who made this solution work.

Shall we meet at FIMP?


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